About Me

I’m a veteran of many business start-ups and I’ve learned the hard way the many things that do not work and should not be done. Some were successful, others not so much and those suffered from a lack of customers and clients. My experiences taught me two things, the first was that I really needed more knowledge about advertising and marketing, and second that the old adage of location, location, location is often bad and expensive advice. If you offer good products and services your followers will find you with a little help.

My lack of knowledge about advertising and marketing led me to do a lot of investigation and learning. I sought out, and found, several mentors and I discarded most of what I had been told and believed were the best practices of quality, productive and cost effective advertising and marketing.

Are you drowning in misinformation? You often get a lot of bad marketing advice and much of it about Internet based terms like SEO, SEM , blogging, social marketing, landing pages, PPC and more. Don’t be misled, there are many good advertising and marketing methods, the Internet can be and, often is important, but there are many, better and faster, ways to reach your prospects. No one can be your customer, client or patient until they can find you.

If you need more business and want an honest and knowledgeable person to help you with your advertising and marketing I encourage you to contact me.